Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2017

Entdeckt bei BookRiot: 59 Fandoms in einer Challenge?! Her damit!

Informativ, aber auch mit dem gigantischen Risiko, dass der Wunschzettel nie gekannte Ausmaße annimmt : wenn es darum geht, das nächste Lieblingsbuch zu entdecken, zählt die englische Seite BookRiot inzwischen zu meinen Favoriten ... 
Und jetzt umso mehr, weil ich dort die 59-Book Fandom Reading Challenge entdeckt habe! Ohne Druck, ohne irgendwelches Zeitlimit - perfekt, um einfach über die Zeit hier und da was abzuhaken und Spaß dabei zu haben, nach passenden Büchern Ausschau zu halten! Von den Avengers (yeah!) bis zu Twilight (Buuuh!) ist alles vertreten und ich dachte mir, wenn ich schon mir diese Challenge vornehme, dann zeige ich sie euch gleich dazu - bei so einer großen Auswahl werdet ihr sicher euren liebsten Fandom entdecken und vielleicht Lust bekommen, auch mitzumachen 😊
Na gut, genug des Prologs: das sind also die 59 Themen der Fandom Reading Challenge ...
 4 von 59

01. The 100 — a book with a morally questionable character or premise
02. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D — a political/spy thriller
03. Arrow — a book about vigilantes/vigilante justice
04. Attack on Titan — a novel that involves shapeshifters
05. The Avengers — a book that centers on a group of friends
06. Batman — a gritty novel/classic noir
07. Benedict Cumberbatch — a book with an eccentric protagonist
08. Brooklyn Nine-Nine — a lesser-known book by an author you loved
09. Dan and Phil — a book about an Internet sensation/phenomenon
10. Daredevil — a novel whose protagonist leads a double life
11. Deadpool — a book that employs dark humor
12. Descendants of the Sun — a war novel
13. Disney — a book that reminds you of your childhood
14. Doctor Who — a novel whose plot revolves around time

15. Dragon Age — a high-fantasy novel

"Kriegssinfonie - Soldat" von Lucie Müller
16. Ed Sheeran — a book with an orange cover
17. The Flash — a book where there’s a storm in the story or in the title
18. Free! — a book whose story revolves around water
19. Game of Thrones — a book that involves a dysfunctional family
20. Glee — a book that inspired a musical/musical film
21. Gotham — a prequel to a beloved book/series
22. Gravity Falls — a horror book with a child as its protagonist/villain
23. Grey’s Anatomy — a book with a professional woman as its protagonist
24. Hamilton — a novel based on a historical figure
25. Hannibal — a cookbook/ book about food
26. Harry Potter — a book considered to be one of the most influential books of all time
27. Hayao Miyazaki — a beloved children’s book
28. Hetalia — a novel that is set in a country that is far from your own
29. Homestuck — an indie favorite
30. How to Get Away With Murder — a book that centers on a heinous crime
31. The Hunger Games — a book that is about or set in an underdeveloped or developing country

32. Kingsman — a book that has a unique spin on its genre
,,Zoo City" von Lauren Beukes

33. Legend of Korra — a sequel to a beloved book
34. The Librarians — a novel where a character is taken from another literary work
35. The Lord of the Rings — a book that centers on a magical/cursed/special object
36. Merlin — a sword and sorcery book
37. My Little Pony — a book with a colorful cover
38. Naruto — a novel whose protagonist is an outcast
39. Once Upon A Time — a fairy tale retelling
40. One Direction — a feel-good YA romance
41. Orange is the New Black — a novel based on real events
42. Orphan Black — a book whose synopsis reminds you of another novel that you have read
43. Parks and Recreation — a memoir by a funny person
44. Percy Jackson — a novel with a plot that involves a mythology from any country
45. Pokemon — a book about animals
46. Sherlock — a classic that has inspired numerous other works
47. Star Trek — a book about exploration/exploring the unknown
48. Star Wars — a Star Trek book. Just kidding - a space opera
49. Stranger Things — a book by or related to a work by Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, or John Carpenter
50. Supergirl — a novel whose female protagonist kicks ass
51. Supernatural — a book that focuses on sibling (or any familial) relationships
52. Taylor Swift — a book published/set in the 1980s
53. Teen Wolf — a book that involves an interspecies friendship/romance
54. Tom Hiddleston — a play
55. Twilight — a book with mostly negative reviews but that you are curious about

56. Vampire Diaries — a paranormal romance

,,Die Schattenkriegerhexe" von J. T. Sabo

57. Vikings — a book whose protagonist is or is inspired by a legendary character
,,Der König auf Camelot" von T. H. White

58. The Walking Dead — a book about a well-known pop culture icon/character
59. Welcome to Night Vale — a lesser-known horror novel

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  1. Das klingt wirklich ganz wunderbar! Werde ich mir merken und bei Gelegenheit abhaken! :-)