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Review: The Scattered and the Dead (Book 0.5) by Tim McBain & L. T. Vargus

"I like being here where I'm anonymous. Nobody who lives here knows about me. Nobody cares."

John Decker, a 25-year-old and friendless introvert, lives in a lonely apartment in Pittsburgh. He never really tried to find a girlfriend and never tried to tear the wall between himself and other people down. But now, diseases and riots and rumors about cannibalistic zombies make everyone's life a living hell. Decker is desperate, locked in his apartment and now, where the end of civilization seems inevitable, he starts to write letters to a girl while watching out of his windows how the apocalypse comes nearer and nearer. People vomit blood. There's no electricity anymore and putrefying corpses cover the ground. 
And all that Decker ever wanted was getting know something like a friend before the world ends. And, yes, the world doesn't give a shit about Decker's crush or his fear to leave his apartment.
"Everyone dies, and the stars never even blink."

This short book is written by Tim McBain and L. T. Vargus. Thank heavens we have social media! I wouldn't have read this if I hadn't seen one of the author's profile on twitter. As luck would have want it, Decker's story took me to a setting I really enjoy reading about: the end of the world. Hey, I mean, who doesn't enjoy reading about evil plagues and zombies whose heads are blowed away? Raise your hands high above your heads and yell: ,,Hooray! Zombies! Resident Evil and The Walkind Dead combined!"

When I started this prequel (it's book 0.5 of the "The Scattered and the Dead" series), I havn't expected that it would be such a good reading! Despite the melancholy and hopelessness of it's story, the atmosphere remains strangely funny. I like the odd way Decker thinks about the world, his own life and everyone else (who is already dead). To me, he's a character just after my own heart: strange, nice and with a little, but quickly growing monster inside his head. Sometimes his letters are so sad I feel my eyes become watery.
There are even some scary and horror-stricken parts, but the plot focuses on Decker's letters. So it's a book that's jam packed with letters. Does that sound exhausting? You'll survive since tha authors have a fluent and emotional writing style. Decker writes about his (sometimes) strange thoughts and I really like him, he isn't crazy at all, just ... just a little bit crazy?! 

I did enjoy this book and really look forward to the other The Scattered and the Dead books! I'll give 4 out of five golden, blood-smeared and sunburnt stars.
Oh, and I'm sorry if you see some spelling or grammar mistakes. English isn't my mothertongue, so please be lenient toward me. It's my first review on English, anyway :)

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